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Who doesn't love a good festival?

The Moonah Taste of the World Festival has been running for ten years. It's Southern Tasmania's most popular multicultural festival. I spent time at the festival in March meeting people and recording their thoughts on what it is to feel welcome, what is it to belong and what it means to feel safe and included. I also spoke with people about what they care deeply about. These kinds of conversations are so enriching and thought provoking.

I spoke with people from Ghana, Chile, France, Fiji and Australia about what is it to feel welcome:

Mike Dutta runs a popular cafe in Hobart and is also a Hobart Councillor. He told me what he cares deeply about:

Alejandra Acloi is a dance teacher in Hobart, Tasmania. She is originally from Chile. She talks about what makes her feel safe and included:

John Kamara works with Communities Tasmania and he talks here about what people have done to make him feel welcome:

Julia Drouhin is originally from France and now calls Tasmania home. She is a sound artist and she speaks to me about what belonging feels like:

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