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Walking through grief

Photo: My dear friend Mary Dwyer on one of her walks in lutruwita / Tasmania

Two years ago I began the makings of a story that was very close to my heart.

It involved interviewing two of my very dear friends who had lost their partners to cancer and both had used walking as a way to heal.

Grief is a very personal experience, and everyone has their own way of processing the death of someone they love. I watched in admiration as one of my friends walked the Camino de Santiago and the other walked in Tasmania's wilderness and Central Australia.

I asked them if I could do a story about their grief process and the role walking played in this, and serendipitously, one of them introduced me to another woman who also walked through her pain to find joy again.

The story features three incredible women and it was broadcast on ABC RN on 16 August 2022. You can listen to it here:

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