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I Am Somebody Project

I have been working on an amazing project called I Am Somebody. Through podcasts and images it honours the unique stories of five people and tells of the impacts living without a home has had on all aspects of their lives.

While the audio stories reveal the homeless experience, it removes the homelessness stigma away from the person as they share their experiences about love, friendship, family, work, loss, misfortune, hope, aspirations and sense of belonging.

I met Dave, pictured above, in early 2020. He told me then he had terminal cancer. He died a couple of months after we met and he shared his story with me. He told me he wanted to tell his story before he died. He hoped it might help other people struggling with similar issues. Dave left a huge impression on me during our time together recording. I was lucky to meet such a kind-hearted, gentle, caring man. His life wasn't easy. But he still managed to smile and laugh and make you feel wonderful.

I Am Somebody is a multimedia art project facilitated by the City of Hobart’s Housing with Dignity Reference Group. I worked on this project with Tasmanian photographer Andrew Wilson.

Head to my story collection to listen to all the individual stories.

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