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Story as Soul Medicine

This ritualised story sharing experience taps into the sacred act of storytelling. Offering a richly immersive auditory experience for two to three people for 90 minutes, the invitation is for guests to open themselves up to the healing power of being fully present while listening deeply to sound and stories.


Guests will make themselves completely at home inside The Wayfinder; there will be blankets, pillows, eye masks, soothing tea and delightful food offerings to help with this. During the session you will listen to a curated collection of stories. There will be several intermissions where you will be invited to share feelings, emotions and thoughts that stir from deep within.


As you go on this journey you are invited to not only finely tune your ears for listening but to be open to new ways of hearing. We are never really taught how to listen, so this is an invitation to learn to listen again, and to hear the potential for what stories offer us, “listening past what we already think we know”, and rediscovering what it means to be truly curious and withhold judgement. As we learn to hear differently we encounter the world differently. 

The recommended number of people for this experience is two to three. These sessions are also offered one on one with Helene. 

Story as Soul Medicine session with Helene Thomas, inside The Wayfinder Mobile Studio

90 minutes @ A$150.00 per group 

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