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Studio Hire

From multi-day road trips, festivals, to live podcast pop ups, creative workshops, meetings in the wild, retreats and more.  The possibilities for ideas are endless.

Story as Soul Medicine

A richly immersive auditory experience for individuals or groups.  Open yourself up to the healing power of being fully present while listening deeply to sound and stories.  The invitation is to allow your whole being to melt into this intimate and safe space of ritualised story sharing.


Life Stories

Every one of us traverses a rich and textured landscape of human emotions, feelings and happenings.  Sharing our life experiences can remind us of our own accomplishments and that our lives do have value.  Story sharing can help us make sense of where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.  It doesn't matter what stage you're at in life, sharing your life story is a unique and transformative experience.

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