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It all started with a napkin and a dream


Four years ago I started talking out loud about a dream I had. Until then, I’d kept it mostly to myself because it was a rather big dream and I wasn’t quite sure how I’d go about it. But one day I put pen to paper (pen to napkin actually - I was in a cafe at the time) and suddenly the dream became more solid.


The idea of having my own “pop-up radio studio” really excited me. And I noticed when I would talk about it with people I’d become energised and enthusiastic. The more I talked about it, the more right it felt, and the more I wanted it. And so the vision began to take form, a little differently to the drawing I did on the napkin, but the general idea was still the same.


I loved the idea of having a caravan studio that I would tow, rather than a van studio. Even though towing it would be a skill I’d need to learn (I have since learn how to tow and love it, even the reversing). 

Around this time I was doing a radio documentary about Tasmanian architect Ross Langdon who was tragically killed in the Westgate Shopping Mall attack in Nairobi in 2013. For the story I interviewed quite a number of architects who had worked with Ross or knew him well.


One of the architects who I interviewed stuck in my mind. Dan Devine, from Maguire and Devine Architects, seemed to share a lot of the same values as Ross, and that was really important to me. I asked him about my pop-up radio studio and he loved the idea and said he’d give it a go. A week or so later he came up with this:


“Well”, I said as he unveiled the drawing, “let’s go for it!”

The brief was: to design, develop and construct a mobile recording studio that is to be attached to and towed by a standard vehicle. The studio should have excellent acoustic properties, be lightweight, well insulated, strong, warm and inviting internally and eye-catching externally (it didn't end up as light as I hoped but it definitely met all the other criteria).

Dan finds someone who will further develop the design and build the studio. His name is Guy Paramore, from Guy Paramore Designs. After a couple of meetings we sign an agreement.  With the green light we proceed onwards!


The project team consists of Dan Devine - Lead Designer (External consultant) and Guy Paramore - Project Facilitator/Designer and me! 


The studio takes a year to build. 

The completion date is July 2018.

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